Trek to Devkund, Solo!

Intro:The Devkund waterfall is undoubtedly one of the greatest waterfalls of Maharashtra which has rightfully got all the attention in recent times. In one hand you get to witness the magnificent sight of white water cascading down the rocks which in turn creates crystal clear, naturally formed reservoir & on the other you would be enthralled by the lush greenery of the meadows & forests through the trek-way to reach it. Although one would find a flock of adrenalin pumped tourists crowding this place in a Sunday morning, yet this relatively unexplored charming place would gift you cherish-able moments of joy & soul satisfaction as it offered the same to a weary solo traveler throughout his excursion. How to reach the base village from Pune:The waterfall is situated inside the forest near a small village called ‘Bhira’. Bhira is mostly known for the Tata Hydroelectric power plant. If you're fortunate enough to have your own vehicle, the trip towards this base village has…